Now Serving the Residents of Frisco
Zip codes 75035 and 75034

Started Business in Granbury TX 2010
Relocated to Frisco Sept. 2013

Most pets are happiest in their own surroundings when you are away.  In truth, most dogs are walked/exercised more often under the care of Grandma than they are by their owners.  And cats definitely prefer their own territory and comfort.  Your animals will look forward to regular visits through out the day by their Doggie Grandma.

With you, I'll draw up a schedule during the initial consultation that suits you and your pets.  For house dogs, two or three visits a day is the norm; for outside dogs once or twice is recommended; for cats it can be one visit a day.

During our interview, I will take the time to learn about your home.  While you are away, I'll monitor the breaker box, adjust lights and drapes, put out garbage/recycling and keep doors securely locked.


Watering inside and outside plants, bringing in mail/newspapers and deliveries, filling feeders - a plus to having a Doggie Grandma.  We also leave you a daily activity log of the times we visited and send you a text update as often as you prefer.